Moskito smartwatch turns into bike speedometer when needed

Moskito smatwatch

As reality has hit the tech community, it has become evident that smartwatches are not as popular as they were initially intended to be. But who says that a smartwatch should only do the fancy fitness tracking stuff? Moskito, a start-up company from Berne, Switzerland has created an analog watch that doubles as a handy accessory for your bike. It shows the current speed, distance travelled and the average speed over a designated route. While doing all that it stills beams notifications from your connected mobile device.

The smartwatch pops right out of its dial and fits in a housing that is attached to your bike’s handlebar. From there on it shows you the current speed using the seconds hand and the total distance travelled with minute’s hand. While doing all this, it still beams notifications from your smartphone.

Especially targeted towards bike lovers who fancy having useful accessories in their armory, the Moskito watch data can be uploaded to Strava or Garmin Connect.

Moskito smatwatch_1

The good thing about this water-resistant smartwatch is its simple analog design which makes sure that you can wear it during your normal daily routine. And when you are ready to hit the mountains on your ride, it turns into a useful bike accessory.

Moskito smatwatch_2

As for the price, Moskito watch is up on Kickstarter for crowdfunding. The sapphire glass and black dial version is up for pledging at a steep 685 Swiss Francs (approximately $678) while the classic model is for 735 Swiss Francs (approximately $725).

Now, that is a lot of money for this smartwatch. So, leave it on your judgment to go for this project.

Moskito smatwatch

Via: TheVerge



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