3D Runner – Adidas offering limited edition 3D-printed sneakers for $333

adidas3d printed sneakersAdidas has announced its first-ever 3D-printed sneakers for commercial market for a price of $333.  Only limited editions will be produced. The reservations are open from Dec 13 and the sneakers can be picked up from the Adidas NYC store.  The company claims that these sneakers are the beginning of the revolution in customized shoe manufacturing.  Although, current version is little expensive, the future looks brighter for customized 3D-printed sneakers. The shoe we are talking about is being called 3D Runner, which is an engineered 3D web structure.  The high force areas are denser as compared to low force areas.  It helps in enhancing performance of the wearer, claims the company.

Adidas 3D runner 2

To avoid gluing or stitching process, the sneakers also feature 3D-printed heel counter that is integrated into the midsole.  The shoe is being claimed to have greater elasticity, compliancy and support.  Further a black PRIMEKNIT upper offers high style with better fit.

Adidas 3D runner

This is just the beginning. Creating customized shoes based on an individual’s footprint – including their running style, foot shape, performance needs and personal preferences – is a north star for the industry and adidas is leading with cutting edge innovations,

says Mikal Peveto, senior director of adidas’ Future team.

If you still remember, in August this year Adidas had produced limited pieces of 3D-printed sneakers to honor top performing athletes in Rio Olympics 2016. The 3D Runner are the same sneakers with only difference that this time they are available in consumer market.

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