Radio Garden – This interactive globe streams music with a spin

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Music is one universal language that connects us all. And in this tech savvy world it is not hard to listen to music which might have originated thousands of miles away from your current location. That’s the power of internet radio, music streaming websites and of course Youtube. It’s almost Christmas time, and people are already finding reasons to get drenched in the holiday spirit. Amidst all this, The Atlantic, Radio Garden is giving people a new way to listen to worldwide radio stations.

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Developed in partnership with the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, the portal makes good use of satellite imagery by Bing to make the globe your favorite music toggling interface. Just spin the globe and navigate to any location and listen to ear pleasing music anytime, anywhere. You can access all the random stations you landed on in the history tab later on.

To make things more interactive, the website prompts listeners to give their feedback as to what sounds familiar and what’s foreign. Since the website is its infancy state, it has more US and European stations. Africa and Asia seem to be neglected, but we are hoping more stations are added in the coming days.

Radio Garden internet radio

Radio Tromso in Norway to the Effect Radio Tazewell, United States; you are just a spin away from traversing (in musical terms) to another location in the world.

Just try out Radio Garden and see for yourself. I’m sure audiophiles will like the concept.

Source: TheAtlantic



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