Segway One S1– Self-balancing, single-wheel ride to be unveiled at CES 2017

Segway One S1Segway Inc. is well known as a leading provider of electric personal transportation. The company had begun with its quest to deliver new generation personal mobility devices in 2001 and now it has penetrated into various markets including law-enforcement. In November, Segaway in collaboration with Ninebot had announced the One S1- a single-wheel mobility device for pre-sale exclusively on Amazon for $749.

But now, the company has released it to be sold at some specific brick and mortar stores so that users could find out whether they have the courage and skills to ride this single-wheel mobility device before spending such a huge amount on it. The availability of One S1 would remain limited to specific stores that cater to the needs of new-generation.

Moreover, the company warns that One S1 isn’t meant for everyone.

The One S1 is not for everyone, riding takes skill. We’ve found that riders with a certain skill set, combined with a fearless mindset, can learn to ride in about an hour. It may take other riders longer to become proficient,

said Brian Buccella, the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Segway.

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Talking about specifications, One S1 is 25 pounds in weight, can carry upto 220 lb for 15 miles in a single charge. The included lithium-ion battery back-up depends upon the terrain, load, and surface. A skilled user can cruise at a maximum speed of 12.5 miles per hour. The speed can be monitored and adjusted through accompanying Ninebot App. The app also lets user to switch between different modes like carry or lock mode. To ensure safety, the company has already gained UL’s coveted 2272 standards.


The company plans to unveil One S1 to consumer market at the CES 2017 to offer them a chance to evaluate its features, accessories and point of purchase. The company will release a special black-colored variant during the CES along with announcements of some accessories for it like training wheels, a kickstand, protective bumpers, and graphic decals.

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