The Hacksmith’s invincible Batman grappling hook gun

DIY Batman grappling hook gun by The Hacksmith James Hobson, or should I say The Hacksmith is a pro when it comes to creating real sci-fi props. The DIYer seems to be obsessed with superhero props more than anything else, and he gets better with each one of his creations. This time around the intuitive prop maker decided to come up with a Batman grappling hook gun to move between buildings or climb up the skyscrapers using a secure rope. In a way this creation is somewhat similar to Colin Furze’s rope launcher, but way better in fact.

The compact grappling gun can shoot the 3mm kevlar rope and the hook to a distance of up to 150’. Once it is secured to the other end, one can safely move to the other side as the rope is rated for 2000 lbs, which is far more than the weight of an average human being.

Hacksmith has a dream of creating all the gadgets that Batman uses to see if someone could become a real life Batman one day. With all the stuff he has created so far, he surely looks on target for that.

Apparently, James is also making an 8HP electric super winch to ascend the buildings from the ground level once the grappling hook gun does its task. That’s going to be pretty interesting I’m sure.



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