Xiaomi to launch Mijia – $298 portable e-scooter for personal mobility

Xiaomi Mijia e-scooter 7On December 15, 2016, Xiaomi will launch its 12.5 Kg electric-scooter in consumer market for selling price of 1999 yuan ($290). The objective of this portable e-scooter is to offer short-distance indoor-outdoor mobility like the Segway One S1 or single-wheel mobility concepts.  However,  Mijia is slimmer, lighter, and minimal in design.  Mijia claims to offer 25 km/h speed with a range of 25 kms on single charge. The juice comes from included 280Wh LG 1850 lithium battery that runs 500 W motor.

The scooter also features a regular disc brake with E-ABS in order to provide complete halt within 4 meters of distance.  Also, the scooter uses regenerative breaking or Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS).

Xiaomi Mijia e-scooter

The data including battery status can be synchronized with a mobile app. The user can also view remaining battery life and speed to know the point at which to recharge the battery.

Xiaomi Mijia e-scooter 2

The idea of personal mobility is picking of up momentum and walking might become rare in near future.  Well, the practical application of science manifests in technological inventions and there is no stopping now. Human curiosity can’t be changed. However, these mobility concepts are of tremendous inventions considering the aged or challenged people who regained their ability to move. Moreover, e-scooter is zero-emission.

Xiaomi Mijia e-scooter 3

Xiaomi Mijia e-scooter 4

Xiaomi Mijia e-scooter 5

Xiaomi Mijia e-scooter 6

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