Giroptic iQ will turn your iPhone and iPad into 360-degree VR cam for €250


Another 360-degree-camera will arrive in consumer market in January 2017 that is offering to turn iPhone and iPad into VR device. Giroptic, a San Francisco-based company has unveiled a small 360-degree camera that provides VR-ready media that can be instantly shared on social media platforms. The camera is of the size of a ping-pong ball and connects to iOS devices through lighting port. The cam offers photos and video recording at a resolution of 4K, which is higher than other competitors in market.

It offers direct smartphone connectivity with real-time stitching technology to save users from post-processing. If you want, it’ll let you go live on YouTube as well.

Giroptic iO simultaneously provides a user-friendly camera and a new platform of services. We’re creating a simple social sharing service and removing previous barriers, such as complex editing, lag time, cumbersome processing, and unoptimized compatibility with major social networks,

claimed Richard Ollier, Co-founder and CEO of Giroptic.

By combining sleek, compact product design, advanced 360 imaging technology, and a seamless software interface, the Giroptic iO provides an affordable, consumer-friendly user experience for capturing, sharing, and live-streaming what’s happening all around them in full 360 degrees

,he further added.

On the negative side, the Giroptic iQ isn’t a stand-alone device despite having its own battery. A USB-charging port is provided with space for a memory card. That means, you need an iPhone or iPad for it to work. If your battery drains out, it’s just a dead piece of hardware.

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