This wrist worn device turns your hand into touchscreen smartphone


The new-age phones are smart, smart to the extent that you can do just about everything from taking calls, controlling everyday devices and making payments right from the smartphones. A California-based company called eyeCam thinks smartphones are just the first step in evolution of smart devices, the next step is wearable computing. To make this real, the company has developed eyeHand, a wrist worn device that turns your hand and fingers into a smartphone.


Embedded with eyeCam’s patented 3D interface and adaptive display technology, the eyeHand comes protected with company’s own state-of-the-art biometric identification system. The smartphone on the wrist – the eyeHand features a built-in projection system that turns you hand and fingers into a touchscreen display. The display can be used as a 3D mouse and a controller too.


eyeHand wearable smartphone can do health and fitness monitoring, function as a media player, work as a biometric key, help make payments as a wallet and even work as an Internet of Things (IoT) command centre.


eyeCam, the company behind eyeHand develops innovative technologies and products for other companies to manufacture and sell as their own products. eyeHand can be one of the products that could reach various interested companies, considering eyeHand has received an overwhelming turnout on Crowdfunder, where it has received about $1.5 million in equity funding.

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