Quadrofoil Q2S Limited Edition – A $30,000 personal e-watercraft that glides over water

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A two-seater electric water-craft called Quadrofoil Q2S Limited Edition has appeared with a heavy price tag of $30,000. Quadrofoil claims to have used highly advance naval technology and C-shape hydrofoils to let you glide over water surface at a maximum speed of 25 km/h. The craft is designed in accordance with the natural flow of water to provide optimum stability, control, and efficiency.  The concept of using hydrofoils isn’t new, but its implementation in Qaudrofoil is appreciable.

This personal water-craft has a range of 60 kms in a single charge or you can say that included batteries on both sides of the hull can provide an average driving time of two hours. What makes Quadrofoil special is that it is lightweight and is designed after taking inspiration from racing cars, fighter jets, and trimaran.  The cockpit is designed after studying several automotive designs.  The steering-wheel is designed after formula-racing car.  The seating angles, visibility and optimum comforts of various automotive brands were studied before designing one for the Quadrofoil.quadrofoil ‘Q2S’ limited edition 3

The craft can be charged fully in two to three hours via a standard 110v/220v outlet.  Further, BMS provide complete data regarding status of each individual cell to ensure optimum power delivery.

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Other than that, the Q2S has space for a first aid kit, paddles, cup holders, and is almost unsinkable owing to light, composite construction material of hull.
quadrofoil ‘Q2S’ limited edition
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