Robotic bees will pollinate Earth when real ones are extinct

B-Droid Robotic bee

Environmental pollution and human activities have taken a toll on the balance of the ecosystem, making numerous living species extinct. Bees are the next in line for mass extinction, and sadly it is going to happen in the next few years if we don’t do anything to curb our activities. Bees being the main source of pollinators play a crucial role in growing new plants and trees. So what are we going to do when there are no bees to pollinate the planet Earth? Scientists from the Warsaw University of Technology have developed robotic bees for pollination to come over this problem.

The team of scientists led by Rafał Dalewski Ph.D. (Eng) from the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering at the university has created B-Droid, a robotic bee quadcopter loaded with a camera which beams back the flight path to the connected computer. Once the flowers/plants/trees are located the next step is to plot the path for designated areas to pollinate.

Currently, B-Droid robotic bee can fly for a couple of minutes, but improvement in compact on-board battery technology will allow it to be busy like a bee for a longer duration.

B-Droid Robotic bee_1

Rafał says that they want to bring this product to the market within 2 years, and it should be kept in mind that the team is also developing a wheeled version of the robotic bee which will consume less energy as compared to the flying version.

He added by saying;

First of all, using wheels is more energy efficient, with a small gel battery allowing the robot to work more than two hours in the field and even all day with an additional generator.

Earlier, the team managed to pollinate garlic and strawberries using this wheeled robot as they yielded around 165 seeds.

Source: PW Via: FastCoExist



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