Lost your Apple AirPod? Apple gives you the option to reclaim it for $69

Apple AirPods

From the time Apple AirPods came into existence, the blogsphere had their views buzzing on the Apple accessory. Some thought it was a complete design anomaly while other went a step further, guessing the ways in which you could lose them. Well, frankly there are very high chances of you losing the Apple AirPods as they don’t fit perfectly into the ears like the Samsung Gear Icon X wireless earpods. And Apple knows that fact, and that’s why they have updated their service page with the options you’ll have to choose from.

So, in case you lose/damage one of the AirPods you will have to pay $69, and if the battery goes rouge the cash you’ll have to slash out is $49. If you happen to lose your battery charging case, get ready to give away $69 if it’s out of warranty and $49 if its battery needs servicing.

In a way, it gives the reckless ones an option to reclaim the lost earbud(s) and not make a shift to the other better wireless earbuds in the market. That’s another interesting way to keep your customers, isn’t it?



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