BMW to debut HoloActive Touch, holographic-style interiors at CES 2017

BMW is the top line automaker that is focusing intensely on in-car technologies and user interface we are most likely to see in future automobiles. After having bewildered the world with the AirTouch technology at the CES 2016, BMW is slated to introduce a new HoloActive Touch system at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017, which promises to be a nifty sci-fiish integration to its vehicles.

HoloActive Touch is a touchscreen display, which displays driver with information about navigation, music and more as if it was floating in midair. This holographic-style information provides actual tactile feedback when the driver makes an interaction using finger gesture.

This unique interface merges the best of BMW’s heads-up display, BMW’s gesture control and interactive touchscreen. The display is far from conventional touchscreens, but it still allows that physical contact and tangible interaction to initiate commands all-in-all enhancing driver’s field of view manifold. BMW informs, there is a camera in there that detects the driver’s finger gestures to initiate commands on the surface floating right next to the steering wheel.

The full color images of the HoloActive Touch, which float in free form are created by reflection instead of projection on the windscreen as seen in some of the previous technologies from other automakers or that form the heart of heads-up displays.

The HoloActive Touch system, which provides access to BMW Connected services, which will provide attendees at CES with a glimpse of what the fully connected cars and self-driving cars will feature.

Source: BMW / Via: TechCrunch



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