LG will supply foldable displays to Apple, Google and Microsoft

LG Displays foldable

Samsung is almost ready with a foldable phone, and LG and a few other manufacturers are not far behind. But the news that broke out about LG developing foldable displays of OMEs like Apple, Google and Microsoft has given the world another reason the accept the future – future of foldable smart devices. According to reports LG Display has partnered with Apple, Microsoft and Google to develop ‘out foldable displays’ for smartphones, which should hit mass production in 2018.

LG is not a new member in the foldable panel arena, nor is it the first new about LG’s endeavor. However, if experts are to be believed, Samsung still has a upper hand when it comes to designing foldable panels. The South Korean electronics giant could show off its maiden foldable smartphone as early as next year.

The report of LG Displays partnership with high profile OMEs does not state an expected launch of foldable devices, but considering LGs background with foldable displays, the future could be near.

Source: ETNews / Via: PocketNow



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