5 Reasons why Apple Watch is doomed

Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch was one of the most anticipated gadget when it was initially released. They were literally flying off the shelves as Apple fanboys raced to the nearest store to get one for themselves. These days however, the sale of Apple Watch is plummeting rapidly, thanks to the availability of a slew of other better smartwatches in the market. Is the Apple’s smartwatch doomed, or is this just a slump they can recover from? For many, this is the beginning of the end for this wearable owing to these five main reasons.

# Lack of innovation

When the Watch was first released, it grossed millions of purchases in a short duration of time. Attempting to capitalize on this success, Apple released another series of this smartwatch Apple Watch Series 2 earlier this year. Compared to the original splurge of sales from the debut release of Apple Watch, the sales of its predecessor didn’t go as expected. This is mainly due to the fact that these two watches are far too similar to one another. There weren’t any technological strides taken by Apple to make this newer version stand out in a significant way.

# High cost

While it might be marketed for the fact that it can do everything your phone can, the truth is the watch is not much more than a high dollar accessory for your iPhone. The kind of features that Apple Watch 2 has don’t exactly justify its high price range.

# Bad manufacturing ethics

Apple has been in the news quite a bit for their poor manufacturing practices. During the rushes for major releases like the iPhone 7, it was reported that employees worked insane hours for days. Some claimed that workers were required to be in the factory for upwards of 18 days, many falling asleep during their marathon shifts. With this bad news being brought to light, there are many who might not feel that it is morally right to choose a product from such a company.

# Customization options

Sure, you can choose all kinds of different colored bands and straps to accessorize your smartwatch. What you can’t do is change the battery or expand its storage. These are features that are becoming staple in the world of smartwatches from rival companies, because people want the abilities to get more from their gadgets.

# Steep competition

When you think of Samsung Electronics, LG and Huawei, and their commitment to advancements in terms of smartwatch design, it stands to reason that whatever Apple is cooking up in the lab is not enough. To have another company offering a smartwatch with better capabilities than the Apple Watch 2 is something to consider, especially when you numerous products with far better functionality.

These are just a few reasons that many believe Apple Watch 2 to be on a slow march to non-existence. With their inability to make changes to the design, Apple will have a hard harder time keeping smartwatch users loyal to the brand as the competition begins to weigh heavier.



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