This 4m tall, 1.5 ton heavy robot mimics movement of the human inside

4m tall human controlled robot

Social Media was taken with surprise when Vitaly Bulgaro shared a video of a 4m tall and 1.5 ton heavy manned robot that can walk and mimic movement of the human controlling it, just like in James Cameron’s Avatar. The robot is still work-in-progress in South Korea. But for now the giant robot can be seen to move hands up and down, take steps and follow action of the human in the helm.

Vitaly Bulgaro, who posted the video on social media yesterday is a 3D modeling designer with the Korea Future Technology – Seoul-based Robotics Company that has developed this mammoth creature.
This huge robot project is dubbed METHOD 1 and it is designed to serve for industrial purpose. What kind of industrial purpose is not defined yet.

According to Bulgaro, he cannot give out on the details of how the robot is made, or anything about its ability, but he says “I am planning to upload a bunch of high-res design images soon, so stay tuned!”
Check out the video below to see the giant robot repeating the moves of the pilot onboard.

Via: RT



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