Nostalgic 3D virtual tour of first and original Air Force One

Would you like to visit the first Air Force One that served as the dedicated presidential carrier for Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon? The plane was first introduced in 1959 and is currently on display at Seattle’s Museum of Flight. However, a virtual tour of the aircraft is available for all. If you have a pair of Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR HUD, then the experience would be enhanced as compared to the simple 3D model.

The plane retains original configuration in its interior and it is reminiscent of modifications introduced by various presidents during the course of the time. For instance, you will find a hat holder under the desk that was added by LBJ, the bit of wood by the telephone, and remains of JFK’s pipe rack which was stolen.

There is a safe that houses nuclear codes when the president is flying. There are four seats for the pilot, co-pilot, navigator and engineer. The aircraft features its own Inertial Navigation System too.

The setup is very simple. The president’s room is adjacent to his office. The room has a transparent desk that unfolds into a bed. This set-up suited to the Eisenhower’s likings.

He was a former military man, he said this was a place of business, not a flying palace, Ted Huetter,

the museum’s PR and promotions manager.

The experience is quite different than an average person would presume. It might sound outdated when compared to current version of Air Force One that is equipped with military grade communication set-up, but the original piece would definitely give you a fit of nostalgia.

Via: Wired



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