HandEnergy uses the power of your body to charge gadgets


There is nothing more sickening than running out of battery on your smartphone, camera or a flashlight, especially when you are not close to the grid. Even if you have the charger along, and don’t find a power outlet nearby, you feel handicapped as you cannot charge your device. Enter, HandEnergy, a ball-shaped pocket electricity generator that lets you charge your smart device with nothing more than the power of your body. The HandEnergy is fitted with a metal coil, magnets and battery – the battery on the device can be charged by rotating it with the hand and the power can then be used to charge a gadget of choice.

Of course you have solar powered chargers and power banks as alternatives to charge gadgets on the move. But even these have limited application as one needs sun and the other requires a power outlet. The totally independent HandEnergy requires no external power at all. The device simply transforms your hand movement into electricity, which can be used to change battery when your urgently need it.

How it works

The HandEnergy starts by winding the starter ring on it. On releasing the starter ring, an impulse is generated to the rotor, which starts spinning at an average speed of 5000 RPM. The magnetic rotor transmits mechanical energy to create electric current and charge the HandEnergy’s built in battery. The user simply has to rotate the device with the wrist to keep the rotor spinning and creating energy to power the battery. HandEnergy can then use the power in its built-in battery to charge a device connected to it via USB.

Devices you can charge with HandEnergy


Charging speed and usability

HandEnergy produces the same current as a socket, but the device itself takes a lot longer (about an hour) to charge fully by rotating. This means, it’s definitely not an everyday charger, but it is handy enough to be taken to anyplace with no power sockets or electricity.



HandEnergy is on Kickstater, where it has fetched €67,142, well above its €50,000 goal. Successful Kickstater campaign means we could soon have the HandEnergy mass produced with shipping set to start in May 2017.



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