Microsoft’s leading machine learning platform Cortana Intelligence Suite to help fight blindness

Microsoft to help fight blindness

The prestigious L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) in India has been working with global academic, medical, and technology institutes to enhance the quality of eye-care and to make it accessible to more people across the world. Now, Microsoft has announced collaboration with the LVPEI with the launch of Microsoft Intelligent Network for Eyecare (MINE). So, it has now become mission-driven global consortium of experts from every corner of the world. It matters a lot for estimated 285 million people suffering from blindness or eye-related diseases worldwide. Out this total sum, 55 million are in India only. By 2020, number of children with blindness is estimated to reach 2 million.

The collaboration aims to utilize machine learning predictive models for vision impairment and eye disease including rate of change of myopia in children, conditions and impact children’s eyesight, predictive outcomes of refractive surgery, optimal surgery parameter as well as ways to personalize a surgery along with enhancing its probability of success to maximum.

MINE, a global collaboration, reinforces Microsoft’s belief in the combined power of data, cloud and advanced analytics to drive public good. In our shared vision to eradicate preventive blindness, MINE will help redefine eyecare by bringing together the power of technology and knowledge of global experts,

said Anil Bhansali, Managing Director, Microsoft India (R&D) Pvt. Ltd

Microsoft will make available its leading cloud platform technology – Cortana Intelligence Suite for advanced analytics and to build Artificial Intelligence models on eyecare. Huge amount of data can be analyised with Microsoft machine learning technology. It can help in derivation of insights. Also, MINE’s objective is to driver strategies to prevent avoidable blindness worldwide.

At LVPEI, we have been using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Power BI to drive clinical interventions and improve patient outcomes. Today, we take great pride in taking forward our partnership with Microsoft and joining forces with global institutes to revolutionize the field of ophthalmology in India and across the world, said Dr. G.N. Rao, Founder-Chair,

L V Prasad Eye Institute.

Now, MINE is looking to bring together different partner organizations on Azure and work collectively on further study and form eye-care models.

Other members of this global consortium include Bascom Palmer – University of Miami, Flaum Eye Institute – University of Rochester (USA), Federal University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Brien Holden Vision Institute (Australia).



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