Tiny DART-C charger for USB Type-C laptops can juice up your phone simultaneously

Finsix Dart-C

FINsix launched DART – smallest laptop charger, back in September but it lacked the fast charging USB Type-C. Recently, the company announced DART-C, a USB Type-C charger for laptops. Yes, you heard that right. Billed as the world’s smallest charger for USB Type-C laptops, the DART-C could definitely shed some load off your backpack. OEMs have been constantly developing thinnest of laptops, but the ungainful chargers with bulky adaptors do no good to their case. A device like the DART-C however promises laptop users to carry light, yet charge their laptops as and when required.

DART-C is a 65 watts wall plug with swappable laptop charging tips and a USB port for charging a couple of devices simultaneously. It is, as company claims, four times lighter and smaller than a traditional laptop charger.

Finsix Dart-C-1

DART-C is available for pre-order on FINsix website. The charger will be shipped in January 2017 for $100 in magenta, orange, gunmetal and silver colors.

At $100, the charger may seem expensive, especially when Apple’s 87 watts USB-C wall adapter and Google’s 60-watt Type-C chargers retail for $80 and $60 respectively. Be reminded, none of these can charge a laptop and a phone simultaneously as the DART-C can, take that Apple and Google.

Finsix Dart-C-2



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