U.S. Army to replace HMMVV with newer, faster, and blast-proof L-ATV

U.S. Army has announced a contract with Oshkosh for the newer, heavier, blast-proof and faster version of it High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMVV) that was introduced in 1980 and resembled a jeep-like structure. The new version is named Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle (L-ATV). The objective is to provide more safety from bomb blasts, to which earlier version was highly vulnerable, while troops move in dangerous and unfamiliar tough terrains. The L-ATV borrows some features from the MRAPs – heavy truck designed to withstand bomb-blasts. However, the L-ATV is faster than its descendant HMMVV.

Take a look at the new L-ATV taking on different terrains like a piece of cake:

L-ATV demonstration by PopSci

A disadvantage that the troops faced when they added armors or artillery to the HMMVV was that the additional weight slowed it down. While, the new vehicle is thrice the weight of the Humvee design, it is still faster than it. The only trouble with heavier version is that Marines would have to think about its transportation via ships or aircrafts.

As per the army’s contract with Oshkosh, it will build 17,000 L-ATV during next few years. The Marine Corps would be given 5,500 of them. In total, the army wishes to deploy about 49,000 L-ATVs.



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