A chicken nugget lover’s fiancée turns his car into nugget mobile

Chicken nugget car-1

Pimp My Ride was a show where vehicles were treated for a spellbinding experience. Carjackers, a new show is absolutely opposite. You take a car to Carjackers and it comes back as ugly as it can get. Don’t take my word, feed your eyes on this Chicken Nugget car and realize it for yourself. However tempting that mobile chicken nugget may seem – it does to me for now, as I am writing this just ahead lunch, it’s not one that you and I would ride out to town.

Chicken nugget car

Carjackers that airs on E4 Monday through Friday at 7pm, is a show that requires people to secretly get cars belonging to friends and family to Carjackers and take them with a shocking makeover from the team.

Chicken nugget car-

This car was brought to Carjackers by Sarah, a Barnsley resident. The car belongs to her fiancé Dan who’s a crazy about chicken nuggets. Sarah wanted Carjackers to turn the car into a mobile nugget and this is what they delivered. Good, bad or ugly – perceive, and let us know in the comments below.

Chicken nugget car-2

Chicken nugget car-3

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Via: BuzzFeed



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