Raspberry Pi releases own Pixel OS for PC and Mac

raspberry oS
Raspberry Pi has announced introduction of its own, light-weight OS for Mac and PC– the Pixel. The OS is built on Debian and is light. That means, it can run on almost all old machines. Pixel OS includes a simple and clean desktop UI. The OS won’t ask the user to install it in order to access it. It can be downloaded, burn into disc, and can just run simply through a USB flash drive. It is as simple as a small tweak in PC’s BIOS. Mac users can do it by just pressing C key down while booting. The OS will offer the Chromium web browser and suite of productivity and coding tools that includes a lot of useful Linux apps except MineCraft or Woldfram Mathematica.

However, the minimum requirement is at least 512 MB of RAM. Without installing the OS, users would be able to save changes made during one session and start from where he had left in the next session. Otherwise, user can chose to maintain the data only for single session and start on clean slate next time.

The foundation believes that Pixel is perfect for applications in schools or educational institutes where students can work at schools on the OS and continue projects from where they had left on reaching home.

The Pi edition of Pixel and the version translated for bigger machines uses “exactly the same productivity software and programming tools, in exactly the same desktop environment. There is no learning curve, and no need to tweak… schoolwork to run on two subtly different operating systems,

Raspberry Pi co-creator Eben Upton

Currently, the OS is in testing stage and doesn’t work with most of the devices. Raspberry Pi should be a full-featured desktop computer at a $35 price point. For now you can get your hands on it for free on RaspberryPi blog. But mind it that the foundation is of the view that there could be minor issues with some hardware configuration. So, don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work for now.



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