3D printed Bastion computer case is every Overwatch fans fantasy

3D printed Bastion  PC case mod

Multiplayer video game Overwatch has found its way into almost every screen. The game is a center of attraction for abundance of gamers, who can live stream their game on social media. After ZaziNombies created famous Reaper’s Hellfire Shotguns from the game in LEGOs, a PC case modder Jan Erik Vangen has 3D printed a desktop computer after Bastion – the most loved character in Overwatch. If you didn’t know it was a computer, you could simply mistake it for a robot.

Designed to play Overwatch in the most considerable manner, the 3D printed Bastion desktop computer comes fitted in with an ASRock Beebox-S Mini PC, an Intel Core i5 processor and HD Graphics 520. The PCs case mod is designed using CAD software and 5th gen MakerBot Replicator. Each part of the design was first individual made before being assembled to form the Bastion.

Offered as a way for Overwatch fans to play the game on one of the game characters itself, Vangen says, the mod is not complete – he hopes to add a 7-inch LCD along with glowing Overwatch logo and some LED lights to brighten the contraption.

3D printed Bastion  PC case mod-1

3D printed Bastion  PC case mod-2

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