Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 is a rugged tablet packed with power

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With businesses becoming more interested in durable computing products, rugged laptops and tablets have gone ‘more than ever competitive’ with their advanced features. The reliance of businesses on fully-rugged handheld devices helps them diversify, grow and achieve the right mobility even in those remote and environmentally challenging conditions. A rugged tablet runs as perfect as a desktop in demanding workplaces, withstanding those tough vibrations and extreme temperatures.

Why businesses prefer rugged tablets over laptops

A rugged tablet, either semi-rugged or fully rugged, has a protective case and rain-resistant body. Engineered from the inside-out to work in extreme temperatures and numerous harsh conditions, a fully-rugged tablet is also designed to resist drops, shocks and vibrations. Such laptops are dustproof and water-resistant too to be operational in any extreme environment.

A tablet can be seen as a solid state hard drive and doesn’t need a fan like a laptop. This further improves its dustproof and waterproof characteristics. Many rugged tablets like Panasonic Toughpad have options like barcode scanners to fulfil the needs of the logistics and transport sector. The barcode scanner option is often missing with ordinary laptops or tablets.

Panasonic Toughpad Series

The world leader in Technology, Panasonic has designed a series of tablets that survive the brutality of the intense heat and freezing temperatures. Ensuring the low cost of ownership, Panasonic’s Toughpad series offers a great choice of configurations. Such toughpads never let businesses compromise on the productivity though 24×7 connectivity and much-organized data management. The new Toughpad series uses the latest technology advances to create lighter and thinner tablets. Featuring spill-resistant and full magnesium alloy designs, Panasonic Toughpad is something you can rely upon.

Toughpad FZ-G1 with ATEX

If you are in an automobile or oil business, the CF-G1 is the device you would just want to splash out for. The Panasonic’s creation, Toughpad FZ-G1 (with ATEX), fulfills the needs of the on-the-move workforce from auto and oil industry. Power-packed features in a small device are the need of the mobile workforce from such industries. Just like a smartphone, the device is handy, and can be used even in the Pitshop.

A device made for ATEX environment

Complaint with ATEX work zone standards, the Toughpad FZ-G1 can be exposed to harsh working conditions. Its robust structure ensures that service professionals or surveyors from auto or oil industry have all that they want in a device. Thanks to better waterproofing, FZ-G1’s spill resistance is relatively better than other similar devices. Created for automotive and oil industry mobile professionals, the CF-G1 has a unique, lightweight design with improved strength.

First of its own kind

With a wide range of integrated options, the Toughpad CF-G1 is one of the most versatile and advanced laptops available in the market. For the first time in India, workers who are exposed to potential gas explosions have access to a fully rugged 10.1″ tablet that offers an unforgettable computing experience in ATEX environments. Even if they drop their handheld device from 4 feet on the concrete floor, it will remain in the functional state.

The fully rugged device is MIL-STD-810G certified and provides an IP65 ingress protection rating against dust and water. Backed by 3 to 5 years of warranty, the device packs more of a punch to deliver the best in class performance. Thanks to the built-in battery saving technology, power never becomes a problem. The device runs for 8 hours and permits hot swap battery replacement without shutting down or going in the hibernation mode.

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Answering needs of complex process flows

Answering the needs of organizations that require Windows functionality in a handy device, the FZ-G1 shares its DNA with the Toughpad series of products. It’s the best choice for field workforces, as so much flexibility and performance has never been packed in such a portable device before. Aiming towards meeting the evolving needs of the mobile workforce, the device never fails to complement the existing ecosystem of businesses.

Enabling the mobile workforce to view high definition documentation, Toughpad FZ-G1 ATEX sets the new benchmark for outdoor viewable tablets. A ‘less downtown and long life span’ device lets businesses stay connected with their workforce through embedded Wi-Fi Bluetooth®, USB 3.0 and optional 4G LTE (or 3G Gobi™). It comes with a high-quality front web camera with flash so that one can have important video conferencing and click site photos whatever be the light condition outside.

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