LG’s TONE Studio and LG TONE Free for a wireless audio experience

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LG Electronics (LG), a well renowned name in Bluetooth headset technology, will soon show off a series of new wireless, wearable audio products at CES, 2017. The lineup will be led by TONE Studio (model HBS-W120) and LG TONE Free (model HBS-F110).

# LG TONE Studio

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LG TONE Studio is basically what you’d call a wearable neckband speaker. It’s a horseshoe shaped plastic neckband that features four speakers – two full range on the top and two vibrating on the bottom. Co-designed with surround sound experts at DTS, makes these speakers capable of delivering amazing 3D surround sound effect. Giving you a realistic theater-like sound experience when watching a movie, playing a video game or simply streaming music.

It’s Hi-Fi DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) enhances sound quality by recreating audio content as precisely as possible. Additionally, LG TONE Studio also comes with dual play functionality that lets you pair two neckbands and share the sound form a movie or play the same audio.

# LG TONE Free

LG TONE Studio wireless neckband

LG TONE Free (model HBS-F110) is LG’s first wireless stereo product to come with wireless earbuds that charge, when docked in the neckband. The neck unit offers a convenient place to store pesky wireless earbuds to ensure they don’t get lost and are handy enough to be carried. Furthermore, the TONE Free earphones lets you go completely hands free to answer or ignore a call through voice command. With this LG gadget you can have a real wireless stereo experience with no cords, no tangles, and on hassles.

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Although LG has not yet released details regarding pricing, but plans to reveal them at CES 2017 by next week will reveal more on this development.

Source: PressRelease


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