Kissenger iPhone accessory simulates a kiss in real time

Kissenger iPhone accessory

Smartphones have really changed the way in which you interact with your friends, family and lover. It has made possible on the go video calling capabilities over the internet, so that you never feel alone, especially in a long distance relationship. But there comes a time when you long for physical intimacy. Perhaps, you desperately need Kissenger, a kissing messenger that simulates the caress of a real kiss.

Slated as the world’s first mobile kiss messenger, this accessory for Apple devices is made for lovers. Designed by researchers from the Imagineering Lab at City University London, this accessory is a two way device to send and receive kiss. The gadget is based on haptics feedback for the force sensors which react to the input from the other end, virtually making you lock lips with the real feel of kissing.

Kissenger iPhone accessory_1

Basically, the Kissenger provides multisensory internet communication experience to express emotions right when you need it. To use the device, both you lovers plug it in your iPhone and then when you get in the mood, start kissing the protruded surface made of silicon depicting the lips.

Not only lovers but the accessory can also be used to pass a kiss to family member on the cheek.

The catch is, Kissenger is still in prototype stage and it’s not clear as to when it will get released.



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