Is Apple finally going to Manufacture iPhones in India?

Apple iPhone in India

Apple, the Cupertino giant is planning to make iPhones for the Indian market, and ‘Bengaluru is being looked at seriously’ by them. A report of Thursday claims that top sources in the company confirmed, they are very serious about beginning assembly operations and thereafter full manufacturing iPhones in India by the end of next year.
A report in Times of India also claims – ‘Wistron’, a Taiwanese, original equipment manufacturer for Apple, is setting up a facility in Peenya, Bengaluru’s industrial hub to assemble or manufacture iPhones for the tech giant.

Report also quoted, multiple sources within the company have admitted that the company is intended to assemble iPhone’s by April 2017 and push its manufacturing process of iPhone to the fullest in India by the end of next year. While ‘Apple’ declined to comment on the proceedings.

Company has planned to start off with a single assembly unit in Bengaluru and thereafter eventually move up to manufacturing iPhones with in the country. Local manufacturing of iPhones will provide Apple with a host of benefits, most prominent of these will come in the form of tax relaxation. As Apple’s merchandises currently carry an import duty of 12.5%, forcing the company to sell of its products at a higher price compared to other markets.

It was widely believed that the company would task Foxconn (a company that manufactures much of Apple’s products in China), which already has plants in India, to manufacture products in the country as well. The assumption was that plant would make only Apple products, but sources say Foxconn has tied with other players like Xiaomi and OnePlus for local manufacture and may not necessarily make only Apple products.

Apple iPhone in India

Via: TimesofIndia


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