Jetman and Breitling Wingwakers seen flying together over Dubai


XDubai, a group known for recording extreme sports in 4K, has posted another incredible video showing famous Jetman Yves Rosy and his partner Vince Reffet flying over the Palm Jumeirah along with Breitling Wingwalker- group of British daredevils that are famous for performing thrilling aerobatic stunts while standing on the wings of flying biplanes.

The team performed simple stunts by flying in simple formations.

Earlier, Jetman duo had perform an unbelievable formation flight with Emirates A380 jumbo jet. Due to heavy difference in sizes of the jetpack and the jumbo jet, it looked exactly like Iron Man in pursuit.
Yves Rossy is a former Swiss Air Force fighter pilot who invented these amazing jetpacks that are now famous all over the world. He has undertaken many flights with his jetpack including over the Alps and across the English Channel.



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