3D printed Youbionic prosthetic hand can now be pre-ordered for $1,355

Youbionic prosthetic hand

The electronically controlled Youbionic hand has been in development for quite some time now, and now it is ready for commercial use. This 3D printed robotic hand is actuated with muscle movement and works quite well for people having a missing hand. Not only that, the prosthetic hand is ideal for people having some loss in motor function, and also for people who want an increased physical capability. However, I fail to understand why a person having no limb disability would go for this bionic hand.

That said, it is a practical solution for people having some kind of handicap in their hand moment. Youbionic is powered by an Arduino microprocessor, actuators, sensors and servo motor which provides the mechanical moment. The brain signals are read accordingly the robotic hand performs the intended task. Wearer can pick up keys, push buttons and do a whole lot of other day to day tasks that earlier were not possible due to a missing hand.

Youbionic prosthetic hand can be pre-ordered right away for a price tag of €1200 (roughly $1355 USD) which seems quite a lot but worth every penny. Although there are similar bionic hands available at a lesser price, but Youbionic surely beats them all in extended functionality.

Via: 3Ders



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