Scientists develop heat-activated ‘bionic penile implant’ to treat erectile dysfunction

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A new prosthesis is promising relief to patients of erectile dysfunction with their heat-activated penile implant. The US researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison claim to have completed successful testing of the implant. The team believes that it can offer betterment in quality of life to 50 percent of men between 40-70 years age group who suffer erectile dysfunction at one or other stage of their lives.

bionic penile implant

The team used nitinol – a nickel-titanium alloy to develop this penile implant. The metal possesses super-elastic properties. The implant requires insertion into the penis via surgical means. It remains flaccid all the time at room temperature.

We demonstrated that an Ni-Ti-based prosthesis can produce the mechanical forces necessary for producing a simulated erection without the need for a pump or reservoir, comparable with existing prostheses,

the scientists wrote in the journal Urology.

Take a look at the video for a better understanding of how warmth triggers erection that is resistance to external stress.

Now,researchers are preparing a remote-controlled heating device to trigger erection.

Reportedly, current surgical options include inflatable pump, which comes with complications. Another implant that is currently available leaves men with a big trouble – permanent erection. These scientists are claiming to provide relief from such disadvantages.

Via: IBTimes



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