US students 3D printed prosthetic hand for a Scottish teenager

3D prosthetic hand

When a viable prosthetic hand cost approximately £30,000, a fully-functional 3D printed prosthetic hand for only £40 is simply unimaginable. A team of science students from West Brook High School in Beaumont, Texas, USA have really made the impossible possible. The team has 3D printed a prosthetic hand that costs less than £40 for Caleb Morrison, a 16-year-old from East Kilbride in Scotland. Caleb was born without right wrist and hand. Earlier, Caleb was using a basic prosthetic arm but he is really excited to use the new 3D printed hand that reached him a week before Christmas.

Talking about his experience with the prosthetic hand that can grip and hold objects, Caleb said,

As I bend my elbow, the hand grips. It’s really cool to be able to feel what it’s like to throw something.

I’d like to be able to ride a quad bike in the future and I think I’ll be able to.

This 3D printed hand was given to Caleb for free is second such customized prosthetic built by students at West Brook High School. They made one for a girl in US.

3D prosthetic hand-1

The hand in made using open designs available online. These designs were scaled and modified using CAD printing software and then the prosthetic was printed in small plastic components assembled using glue, string and other materials.

The prosthetic hand is called an Unlimbited Arm with a Raptor Reloaded hand. It took the team about 20 hours to print plastic parts and about a week to assemble. The entire arm was designed, printed and assembled over six months.

Via: DailyRecord



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