Chrysler Portal: Semi-autonomous concept minivan to debut at CES 2017

Chrysler Portal Concept electric vehicle

Do you believe minivans carry the same old traditional aura of being boring and not so happening? Well, Fiat/Chrysler wants to change that image with its concept minivan which is all set to make a debut at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. To top it off the vehicle is all-electric and self-driving too. The company has named it ‘Portal’ going with the futuristic theme, and its overall design and look fully suggests that. The door of the minivan opens and closes like an elevator perfect for millennials.

Chrysler Portal Concept electric vehicle_2

This pretty looking minivan not only boasts futuristic credentials on the outside, but also impresses on the inside. Portal minivan has face recognition and voice-biometrics ideal for the next generation. Going with the minivan theme, Chrysler Portal has three rows of seating which are well complimented by the fully opening doors. There is a selfie cam too for people who just can’t resist clicking their friends on a road trip.

The tech laden interiors don’t end there as the minivan has intercom system for communication amongst the riders for times when the music is too loud inside. A display on the back seat keeps everyone engaged in their social-networking circles.

Chrysler Portal Concept electric vehicle_3

Since the vehicle is an all-electric one, it has a range of over 250 miles on one charge. With DC quick charging you get almost 150 miles on 15 minute of juicing-up.

Talking about the self-driving features, the car is semi-autonomously (Level 3 with Level 4 upgrade planned) operated just like Tesla’s EV’s. Thanks to all the fancy sensors like Lidar, radar, cameras and ultrasonic sensors the car stays on course when you decide to relax a bit.

There is no word yet on its availability, but there is going to be more on it from CES 2017.

Chrysler Portal Concept electric vehicle

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