CES 2017: FLIR Duo R thermal imaging camera for drones

FLIR thermal camera

FLIR, the experts in making thermal imaging cameras have come-up with their next line-up of new age cameras at CES 2017. The noticeable one is FLIR Duo which is a thermal imaging camera for GoPro. FLIR’s idea is to open-up a way for people to capture breathtaking visuals reading the thermal signature of the terrain being filmed. You can use it to shoot volcanos, crowded cities or maybe even a raging fire in a forest to report the hottest zones to help authorities take the appropriate action.

FLIR Duo comes with Lepton thermal imaging sensor (@ 160×120) and another video camera which captures the normal image at 1080P. Now, that is way inferior to what you are accustomed to shooting with your GoPro which is capable of 4K prowess. Apart from this FLIR Duo R comes with accurate temperature measurement capability which is ideal for commercial market. It will cost you back $999 for the FLIR Duo version.

FLIR thermal camera

The company also announced next advanced version of FLIR One which is dubbed as FLIR One Pro. It is much more rugged thermal camera and has a higher resolution. The cost for this one is a bit higher than the original version, but it comes with much better hardware too. It is priced at $399.

For people who want a palm-sized thermal camera, FLIR has come-up with C3 which gives accurate heat measurement readings. It is going to be priced at $699.

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