Team Pro Shirt – Polar’s brand new smart fitness wearable to arrive in March

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Polar brand has announced its new smart fitness wearable named the Team Pro Shirt that would be launched in March this year. The shirt features network of built-in sensors and it’s basically a fitness tracking system that combines GPS and motion tracing technology with heart rate monitoring that would make it more efficient to track player performance in team sports. The wearer will be supported with relevant data like heart rate, speed, and acceleration. Entire data is transported to iPad with the help of an accompanying application called the Polar Team Pro.

The maker has been providing the services of this system to Atlanta Falcons since 2010 and has shown tremendous potential in the field of tracking real-time data of players or athletes.

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Polar’s system is used every time our players train during structured off-season workouts and practices throughout the year. Analysis of the data collected allows us to assess conditioning levels, properly prescribe off-season training volume, establish valid return-to-play conditioning parameters, and effectively monitor workloads during training camp,

said AJ Neibel, the head strength and conditioning coach for the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons.


Polar is known for its various fitness wearables like chest straps to monitor hear rate, Android Wear-powered Polar M600 fitness-focused smartwatch. However, the current product is a superior version of Polar’s fitness-tracking wearables. Moreover, data from other wearable can also be used with the shirt.

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