CES 2017: Cerevo Taclim provides realistic stimuli of walking on terrain


Virtual reality and augmented reality are bringing us closer to experiencing real world stimulus from the comfort of our homes. Wearing a head mounted display and moving around in VR environment, but the real simulation comes when you have tactile feedback in your body parts too. With this is mind Japanese company Cerevo has developed a pair of gloves and shoes which literally puts you in the boots of the character you are playing in game.

Revealed at the ongoing CES 2017 in Las Vegas, the wearable dubbed as ‘Taclim’ is still in its prototype stage, but it promises to add to the arsenal of wearables you need to turn VR into almost real life experience.

The haptic feedback provided by the wearable generates a sense of walking on the on-screen terrain like a grassland or desert. This helps in raising the level of immersion, for example while playing a RPG or kicking enemies in a multiplayer Mortal Combat style street fight.

Cerevo Taclim_1

For now the prototype makes you experience the texture of surface you are walking on quite well. There are a few glitches, but of course the developer is going to work on fixing them.

The same is true for the gloves which provide tactile feedback of the in-game action. Both these accessories connect with a VR setup on your phone or laptop. The charging time promised by Cerevo is around 3 hours.

The company is planning to launch Taclim in Fall 2017 with a price tag of $1000, and only time will tell how many people actually want to use this VR accessory.



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