Lenovo’s Windows Holographic VR headset is inexpensive and lightweight

Lenovo VR headset

There’s no doubt, virtual reality is going to be the in thing at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. Just to tap into the market, Lenovo showed of its first VR headset – an unnamed prototype device that is designed to work with Microsoft Windows Holographic platform. The device Lenovo is working on is scheduled to be a relatively cheaper VR headset, in comparison to the likes of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

The Lenovo’s VR headset employs two 1440 x 1440 OLEDs for its display, and has a pair of cameras on the front. The cameras placed on the front could allow live footage of what’s in front, which suggests there is a likely possibility of mixed reality along with virtual reality.

Lenovo VR headset-2

Lenovo wins it in the design front. Their headset is very comfortably, thanks to the suspending lenses. The headset is designed to rest largely on the forehead, instead of the bridge of the nose, otherwise common with other VR headset.

When it comes to PC tethered VR headsets, you want the damn thing on your face to weigh as light as possible. It’s not easy to carry a heavy VR headset, with all that tracking, for hours through a movie or a game. Keeping this in mind, Lenovo claims its final product would weigh around 350g, which is much lighter than the Vive and Rift.

Lenovo says, the headset will be priced around $300 and will be available sometime later this year. The VR headset will work with all applications for Microsoft’s Windows Holographic platform.

Lenovo VR headset-1

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