Ehang 184 drone makes first successful unmanned flight, human’s still denied onboard

We all dream of flying solo like a bird in the air. There are a handful of companies trying to make this dream a reality. Chinese company Ehang may be the closest at doing that. The company unveiled its Ehang 184 AAV drone – an unmanned vehicle designed to fly a single personal without any pilot license at CES 2016. Exactly a year later, at CES 2017, the company has launched first unmanned flying video of drone.

Ehang 184 AAV (Autonomous Aerial Vehicle) is a 142-horsepower, single-seater electric drone that can take off and land vertically (no runway required).


The VTOL aircraft can carry payload (a human) up to 264 pounds (approximately 120 kg). Ehang 184 AAV can cruise at a speed of roughly 62 mph for 23 minutes on a single charge, easily reaching 11,480 feet high.

With a wingspan of 18 feet, the 440 pounds Ehang 184 is made from carbon fiber and has aluminum frames. The electric motors of the drone are powered by its eight propellers. For convenience of the pilot onboard, Ehang 184 is fully air conditioned and features a touchscreen tablet with 4G connectivity.

The Ehang 184 is currently priced at about $200,000.

Ehang 184 AAV looks wonderful flying by itself. Will it ever be able to fly humans onboard, still remains a distant dream.




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