The best and worst features of Apple MacBook Pro

New Apple Macbook pro with touch bar 4

When Apple first unveiled its new line of MacBook Pros it attracted rave reviews in most of the media coverage. Now that the actual units have started to ship out, it is clear that as much as the new MacBook Pros do have a lot going for them – it isn’t exactly ‘perfect’ either. With that in mind, if you’re thinking of getting your hands on a MacBook Pro it is helpful to know beforehand, what to expect from its best and worst features.

Notable Features

It goes without saying that the MacBook Pro comes with a slew of improvements across the board, with a new 6th generation Intel Core i5 or i7 at its heart alongside better graphics, more RAM and so on. However when it comes to its ‘best’ features – there are a few areas that stand out:

Touch bar

There is no denying that the one feature that stands out most in Apple’s new Macbook Pro is the touch bar that replaces the row of function keys with a multi-touch screen that also reacts to pressure. It is designed to adapt to different apps, and provide you with a new way to control them.

• Slim and light

Despite having better specifications across the board, Apple has still somehow managed to make its new MacBook Pros thinner and lighter than its predecessor. Infact it is one of the slimmest machine you can carry around.

• Amazing display

The Retina display on the new MacBook Pros are a sight to behold, with more vivid colors and extra brightness. On top of that it consumes less power too which means it’s a bliss for battery life.

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Unattractive Features

As mentioned the MacBook Pro is not exactly ‘perfect’, and some of the worst features that have been the focus of many complaints include:

• Only USB-C ports

Honestly there is no denying that USB-C is the future and offers huge improvements on USB 3, USB and other connectors. However the world hasn’t quite moved on to USB-C yet, and having to splash out an additional $50 on a USB hub to connect all your other devices is far from ideal. Probably, HyperDrive will solve your problem for that quandary.

• Price point

To say the new MacBook Pro is expensive would be putting it lightly. Unlike the previous generation that started at $1,299 (13-inch) and $1,999 (15 inch) it now stands at $1,799 (13-inch) and $2,399 (15-inch). Naturally many will find that price point beyond their budget.

Simply put, the MacBook Pro is an amazing machine, but it does need time to evolve. As most people begin to use USB-C peripherals and support for the Touch bar increases it should come into its own. But for now it is a costly upgrade that could hinder you in some aspects.

New Apple Macbook pro with touch bar

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