CES 2017: POP-I backpack having e-ink flexible display is what the new generation needs

POP-I backpack

Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has become the center stage for showcasing new technology, innovations and ideas that were unheard of before. This year at the electronics show so far, we have seen many eye-popping things. But this one was never even on our mind until we saw it. A backpack with an e-paper display to display the photo you like and show it off to the world. POP-I backpack has a 4.7-inch/10-inch e-paper screen and comes with a price tag of $99 – $399. Also, the accessory is available in canvas or leather make.

POP-I backpack_1

This backpack has been designed very carefully keeping in mind how people can use to display their personality. In a way it is like a canvas to showcase what you personality is. You can out up a picture of yourself, your pet or anything that appeals to you.

POP-I backpack_2

POP-I backpack connects with your iOS or Android device via an app which lets you customize what needs to be displayed on the backpack. The e-ink display needs charging of around 3-4 hours and it is good to go for around a month without needing another recharge since it is just a B&W flexible display.

Via: Engadget/TheVerge



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