CES 2017: Nvidia’s self-driving car seems to be a strong contender in the race

Nvidia self driving car

The race for self-driving cars is getting hotter by the day, and big automotive giants are already deep into the development. Latest in the run for supremacy in self-driving cars is Audi. They have joined hands with Nvidia to develop a self-driving car they call BB8. The autonomous car will be based on a Drive-PX computer which makes all the critical decisions on busy roadways.

Nvidia likes to call this self-driving vehicle an AI car (courtesy Nvidia’s AI co-pilot technology) which levies the prowess of advanced computers to make decisions like recognizing road signals, pedestrians, terrain or any other thing in its line of sight.

They have been working on developing the DriveWorks software of this car for 18 months now and it has an advanced neural network dubbed PilotNet which gives the vehicle its AI brain.

In fact Nvidia has been testing the car in California and New Jersey in the last few months. One demonstration of BB8 saw it driving autonomously on a snaked drive course having variety of landscaping.

As for Audi and Nvidia partnership, the German carmaker is testing Nvidia’s DRIVE PX 2 DriveWorks software for its Q7.

As I said earlier, automakers are making unique collaborations to develop self-driving cars which will dominate the coming decades.

Source: Nvidia



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