CES 2017: Willow is hands-free pumping option for nursing moms

Willow breast pump

All thanks to technology, there are a variety of breast pumps available on the market. But most of them are loud, painful and complicated. Here enters, the Willow breast pump with no external tubes or dangling bottles to hold you back. It is a smart, hands-free pumping option for nursing mothers to express milk for their babies, while moms can use free hands to text, eat or talk on the phone at the same time.

Designed by Silicon Valley company, this hands-free breast pump has been showcased at CES 2017 this week. The teardrop-shaped device looks more like a Bluetooth speaker and has simple buttons for suction level and operation. The cordless design slides into a woman’s nursing bra and automatically detects when she starts to express, and even adjusts the pump mode automatically.

Willow breast pump

The milk is pumped into a small doughnut-shaped bag that’s fixed inside the device. There is also a one-way valve that prevents leaking. The best thing about Willow is that its pumps silently, unlike other breastfeeding pumps that sound as well as look like tanks in an industrial plant.

This conch shell-shaped device is designed to work quietly and doesn’t require the nursing mom to hold it up while pumping. So, it offers enhanced comfort even during extended pumping sessions. This would surely be its key selling point, which is likely to attract many working women – as it gives them freedom for multitasking.

Furthermore, the smart breast pump comes with a companion app for providing tech-savvy mothers complete details on pumping time and volume. The Willow breast pump will be available for purchase in Spring on the company’s website for $429, whereas additional milk bags will cost you 50 cents each.

Willow breast pump

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