CES 2017: Hyundai unveils three exoskeletons for paraplegics, factory workers


If Hyundai’s latest efforts are anything to go by, the car company is more inclined, than other automakers, to become more than just a car manufacturer. The company is venturing hard into assistive robots. Latest example, a trio of assistive robots – exoskeletons, unveiled by the company at a press conference in CES 2017. We’ve seen bulky robotic suits and exoskeletons over the years, but Hyundai has focused on keeping its battery-powered wearable exoskeletons very sleek and lightweight.

The three exoskeletons unveiled at CES are designed for all kinds of uses, right from improving mobility in patients to boosting physical strength of factory workers or armed professionals.


The three exoskeletons include:

  • The H-WEX

Hyundai Waist Exoskeleton (H-WEX) is designed to allow factory workers to lift heavy objects easily. The exoskeleton supports and upper body and the hip area, which ensures safety and helps in repetitive manual labor or heavy weight lifting in warehouse setting.

  • The H-MEX

Hyundai Medical Exoskeleton (H-MEX) is specifically designed to permit paraplegics to move again. It gives people with lower spinal cord injuries the freedom to walk, sit, stand and even climb or descend stairs. The exoskeletons has a wireless clutch and motion control system that adjusts gait pattern and offers ease of movement.

  • The HUMA

Hyundai Universal Medical Assist (HUMA) is designed primary for the weak, it give assistive strength to people with limited muscle strength (for e.g. elderly). The exoskeleton can support the wearer through everything from walking, running and negotiating stairs.

There is no word on when either of these exoskeletons will be available. But to keep our heart, Hyundai claims, they will be available for reasonable price.



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