CES 2017: Theory demonstrates VR Hypersuit that lets you fly like Superman

Theory HypersuitA French firm, Theory, demonstrated an interesting prototype hypersuit at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas on Tuesday. It is combination of an exoskeleton and immersive VR-headset. The suite is a full-body immersive VR simulator that can be navigated via movement of arms. The user can choose to Fly in a suit or Base-Jump or become a Cosmonaut. The company said that it is mostly meant for gaming and entertainment. The product isn’t portable enough for a home, but it’s excellent for VR parlors.

It enables you do everything you want with your arms, so you can become Iron man or a diver, depending on the thing you are going to have in the mask,

said Gregoire Arcadhe.

When the refiner and more responsive version would arrive, this hypersuit would be the best way to enjoy extreme and otherwise dangerous experiences with 100 percent safety.

At the CES, the firm further said that the hypersuit holds a great potential for simulator trainings or possible military applications like wingsuit training. It allows user to learn how to react and interact with the environment.

Daily Mail



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