CES 2017: Yi Erida is fastest carbon fiber drone you can control with phone

Yi Erida drone

Yi first made waves with $100 Xiaomi Yi action camera, now Atlas Dynamics has tagged up with Yi to deliver Yi Erida drone (a new sensation). Yi Erida is developed by Atlas Dynamics and it features a YI 4K camera onboard. It is first consumer drone made from carbon fiber. Unveiled at CES 2017, Yi Erida was shown in flight for the first time. Made from lightweight carbon fiber, the drone can reach speeds of up to 75 mph (approximately 120kmph), and it can remain airborne for almost 40 minutes, Atlas Dynamics claim.

Yi Erida drone-1

The tricopter can be controlled with a smartphone to constantly track, follow or capture every move you make. The 4K camera onboard shoots perfect pictures and capture amazing footage autonomously.

Yi Erida drone-3

Atlas Dynamics and Yi announced collaboration in August last year. Their idea was to create a great looking drone that enables users to take amazing pictures and is very easy to use. Result is Yi Erida – the faster ready to fly drone made from carbon fiber.

Yi Erida drone-2

Interestingly, the Yi Erida has three prop arms that rotate and can fold when you want to carry the drone. It can fly up to a maximum altitude of 6,000m (approx.19,685 ft) and can operate glitch-free in temperatures as low as -15°C.

There is no word on the price, but the drone is expected to hit markets as early as Q2 2017.



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