CES 2017: GoPro Karma drone to be re-launched in February

Go Pro Karma relaunch CES 2017

GoPro were expecting big things with its Karma drone, but instead things went South and the company had to recall the units. The reason? Well, the drone people had purchased was having loss of power issues and tumbling from the sky. In fact GoPro had to recall all the units and refund the buyers with the full purchase amount. That is a very news from the perspective of business as well as brand image.

At the ongoing CES 2017 in Las Vegas, CEO Nick Woodman addressed that the problem was due to basic battery retention issue. Basically the battery popped out of the housing unit a few millimeters and there was complete loss of power.

Interestingly, the issue could be fixed with a piece of tape. Thankfully, Nick came out with good news for GoPro lovers as he announced the comeback of Karma drone in February.

At the CES 2017 keynote Woodman said;

We didn’t seek out to build the most technically advanced drone for people who want to fly drones. We built a personal production solution for people who want to capture aerial, smooth handheld footage.

The whole fiasco affected the stock prices of GoPro and even led to a 15% layoff of the staff. That is huge in terms of a business and now with the relaunch, Karma drone wants to have the better half of ‘karma’, so to speak.

Via: TechCrunch



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