5 step to convert YouTube video to Mp3 and associated benefits


YouTube is a magical platform where anyone can go and find a way to become a creator. Expression and originality run free and people can find new ways to engage, start conversations and solve pressing issues. One of the most significant features users have been demanding ever since YouTube’s humble beginning, has been the ability to hold onto the YouTube videos of their choice to be able to enjoy the files at any time of their choice, even offline.

Video converting – a simple procedure with instant results

Converting YouTube to mp3 is the simplest process you can think of when using online tools. The most advanced skill you need for doing this is the copy-paste technique and I like to believe everyone in today’s technological age has this one down.

Let’s list the most basic steps required to make a conversion from a YouTube video to an mp3 file. For the sake of this example, we will be using an online tool available at YTmp3.com for free use.

It only takes 5 steps to achieve flawless conversion

The first thing to do in preparation for the process is to open the YouTube video you want to convert, in the browser of your choice.

#1 Select and copy the video’s URL


#2 Go to YTmp3.com, where you will see a search box, located on the homepage


#3 Paste the video link in the search box


#4 Press the Convert to MP3 button, right below the box


#5 When the video conversion is complete, the search box will transform into a Download button which will instantly transport the newly converted file onto your device


Congratulations! You can now repeat this process as many times as you like and get your favorite YouTube videos organized for later viewing.

Ways to use converted mp3 files

The preferred purpose users convert YouTube videos to MP3s is so that they can listen to music, however, there are many ways of enjoying YouTube content.

  • Work out with your own personal trainer. With so many workout videos available on YouTube, all you have to do is find the ones you resonate with the most. Load them onto your phone, pop in your earphones and go to the park to get some exercise in for the day. It’s an entirely different experience and one that you will definitely enjoy.
  • Start a new beneficial habit, like Yoga. Practicing this particular activity requires someone to tell you what to do in a soothing tone of voice. Therefore, an audio file would be perfect.
  • Enjoy on the spot cooking tips. You can’t forget what to do next when you can hear the recipe on the background.
  • Get a better night’s sleep. Not only music but also carefully selected sounds can be the key to improving your sleep. Find out what sounds put you at ease and play them during the night, before or during the time, you spend sleeping. Chances are you will wake up in a good mood and energized.
  • Get amused. Laughter is the best medicine, and YouTube has no shortage of amazing comedy shows and stand-up performances. Listen to them all day long and improve your state of mind.
  • Learn and practice a new language. Listening is essential in any foreign language exam and with the huge collection of language lessons on YouTube, only your determination can stand between you and your goal of becoming fluent in exotic languages. Practice makes perfect.
  • Listen to audiobooks. Sometimes you just need to relax but also rest your eyes. This is the perfect time to decide on a good audiobook and play it in audio form.
  • Improve your life with self-help speeches. When you’re looking for motivation and inspiration, hearing other people’s stories will definitely inspire you to become a better person and improve those aspects of your life that you feel need growth.
  • Redesign your mood with music. Music is and probably will forever be the most popular way to change your mood. The rhythm of the melody you are listening to has an instant effect on the way you feel. O experiment with various genres and find the one you prefer.
  • Discover unknown artists. It’s no longer a secret that Justin Bieber got started by posting videos to YouTube. Discover the next extraordinary artist on YouTube and be one of the first fans to enjoy their art.

The great thing about this process is that it works for any device and virtually any internet browser. This procedure wonderfully highlights how a very simple process can be applied to get a vast array of results in the end.

Surprising advantages of file ripping

Another thing that makes people go for this kind of files is, as you might have guessed, the fact that they get free music. Ironically, the stigma behind copyright infringement in relation to YouTube video downloaders seems to have a positive effect on the music industry. The reason is simple: the more people download the music, the more the music is heard and therefore appreciated and promoted at a worldwide level.



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