Zortrax creates lightweight and powerful 3D printed motorcycle

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Europe-based 3D printing solutions company Zortrax has come up with their first attempt to create a 3D printed motorcycle which is currently in prototype stage and very close to hitting the roads. Their inspiration for making a bike came from their staff members, most of whom are motorcycle enthusiasts. The team choose 600cc as their ideal power unit as most of the lightweight and powerful bikes fall in this middleweight category.

Using 3D printing additive manufacturing technique, the team build everything including tank casing, windshield, light and mirrors from scratch. They stripped down a base model and with the help of 3D scanning crafted the out individual 3D printed shells of the bike.

At every stage we faced different challenges. The first was selecting a base model that our projected prototype would fit. Then, there was the complex 3D scanning process, which requires a tremendous amount of technical detail, to ensure we maintained the same dimensions as our scanned model. The most exciting part was the designing process and the assembly, keeping in mind that all our parts must fit perfectly.

Michal Mosiej, Plastic Processing Specialist at Zortrax.

In the end, the team managed to put together a 3D printed motorcycle which is ready to hit the roads. The only thing stopping it from burning the tarmac is that it is not yet street legal.

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