Bionic Nerf gun arm gives direction to an amputee’s shooting ability

What if you’re a Nerf Gun fan and you have hacker friends? Well, if you’re Nicolas Huchet, you can get a bionic Nerf Gun. A team of hackers called Hackerloop, based out of Paris and New York, has developed a bionic Nerf Gun for Nicolas who was left with a myoelectric prosthetic hand after an accident. The gun is designed to attach to an amputated arm and fire with muscle contraction.

The idea of creating a weird contraption as this was conceived after it jokingly propped up in Hackerloop’s office, as to how they could work their crazy brains to conceive something to improve Nicolas’ Nerf-playing abilities.

The idea resulted into a bionic Nerf gun arm that can attach like a prosthetic arm and will be able to fire foam balls on command.

The bionic Nerf gun arm is connected with an electromyogram (EMG) sensor and features an Arduino circuit board. When Nicolas contracts the muscles on his forearm, the sensor on the prosthetic measures and generated electrical activity. There is a prescribed threshold, once the signals cross that threshold the gun shoots foam projectiles and stops shooting when the electrical signals lower below the threshold.

The Nerf gun prosthetic is just a prototype for now. Hackerloop team is inclined to finish and release the completed product next month.

Via: Motherboard



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