Gun disguised as an iPhone alarms authorities worldwide

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There are numerous cases for smartphones that make them look like completely unrelated props. For example, smartphone case that looks like a gun. But if there is a gun which looks like a smartphone, then that is a serious security issue. Last year we came across Ideal Conceal .380 caliber pistol which with the push of a button turns into a fatal weapon. That very gun has now stirred up authorities in America as the gun is going to be on sale in US next week.

Amidst the rising tension, officials fear that the Ideal Conceal gun will be smuggled to other countries and bordering states. The gun disguised as a smartphone with fancy casing will cost £330, which is almost half the price of iPhone which it is made to look like.

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With almost 12,000 pre-orders already booked, the chances of this gun being used for anything other than self-defense are high. The Minnesota-based company designed the gun keeping in mind security, and catching your attackers by surprise. Now, this gun has boiled up an issue which is far serious than just self-defense.

Since the gun looks like a smartphone encapsulated inside a compatible casing, it can go unchecked by authorities at airports or border patrolling. For this very reason Belgian police are on high alert to look out for people carrying such guns in spate of the recent terrorist attacks.

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Via: TheSun



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