Greenfield man builds functional R2D2 replica at home

Photo: Geoff Bruce/Now Media Group

Photo: Geoff Bruce/Now Media Group

R2D2 is by far the most loved character of Star Wars franchise, and it will continue to do so. People never seize to come up with their R2D2 replicas or maybe other things themed around the fictional robotic character. Steve Schmidt from Greenfield has been a die heart Star Wars fan since he was 6 years old, and after seeing the official R2D2 at a convention, he knew what he had to do. Steve set out on building one of his own R2D2 with help from his wife who is also a Star Wars fanatic.

Steve started off the build with an aluminum dome that his wife gifted him on his birthday. Then he got down to building the legs and main frame of his replica along with all the electronics required to control the droid. Since Steve had a decade of experience at Centare, a software company, he figured out a way to send the commands in a better way.

To make the thing look, feel and sound real he worked on the vocal output of the droid too. He plans to make improvements to his R2D2 design overtime, so that it is labeled as one of the best.

He is also a member of Astromech R2 Builders Club, and after making his R2D2 Steve is grabbing all the attention for obvious reasons.

Steve Schmidt R2D2 replica

Credit: Brookfield-ElmgroveNow



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